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J'en reste assoiffé

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Laurent a dit…

a smouldering humidity in the young Nebbiolo is irrepressible, and captures the warmth of the earth enfolded in the morning fog at harvest. Although cellared endlessly, it is irresistible custom to bleed off a portion to relish as the rosé of the vintage, and succour patience to endure the evolution of the wine. A heavy-clustered opulence of fruit belies the fresh-cut violet delicacy of its first whiff in the glass, a virile spike of berry soon attending this intrigue with evolving elements of forest musk, morels, truffle, leather and smoke, the lavishly opulent body borne upon lasting sinews of fruit to sustain the longest finish on the palate. So did the slopes, themselves rise up to leverage nourishment of nuances undetected in their sight, a depth that only deepens with each draught. Immortal is the memory of their climb.

Lez Hard a dit…

Hello Laurent,

Formely I never write e-mail with dear readers...

Do you have any web site and URL? I feel easier, this way to be connected.