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Message le plus consulté ces derniers jours



Que de beaux gars dans les coursives du sauna
Et dans ce cru, voilà de jolis petits culs.
N'hésite pas, admire ces très belles bites
Que tu avales, qui chahutent ton trou de balle.

2 commentaires:

Laurent a dit…

if Der Stijl were a movement emerging from Spain or Greece, “Couleurs” would have sustained it to the present day. It has in common with the subsequent “l'âme déployée” a true sense of the scale of the gift, with an exuberance to match the other’s humility. Where both are gratifyingly resolute and iconically beautiful, “Couleurs” is one of the most stirring visions of the present season in imagery -- a gesture of fierce élan, a coup de main of irresistible entitlement, a summons to rapturous engagement, brilliantly reinforced by its “colours.” I am entirely taken with it.

Anonyme a dit…

Yes. If it were mounted on the stage, I cannot imagine a line in the last 60 years to proclaim its voice more perfectly: "Stella!"

3 décembre 47, opening night in NY