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Là haut dans les montagnes...

Deux garçons croquent la vie

Merci à Sven, grâce à ses illustrations, je peux vous faire un clin d'oeil pour mon retour dans les montagnes....

Croquer la pomme...

I spent 5 great days in Tel Aviv. Shortly, I have discovered this alive city, like a peaceful and sybarite area... I would say 'hors-norm' bubble because you can find so different type of people, dressed without taking care about neighbors, may be thinking the same way, eating so different cooking. Stemmming from so many countries but all speaking hebraic. A huge contrast with european country where everybody wants the same 'game' than his friend or looks like his relative. So closed but always different from Arabic countries (I know Egypt, Tunisia & Marocco). Now, I understand better, by their own, they want Peace and are fighting to get it!

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