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Paul Freeman

J'adore son style

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Even better selection of evidence for the proposition that a shower can be sensual. And I, for one, stand ready to assist.

Gaspard a dit…

Usually, a blogger will warn that his advice to consult the website of someone he wishes to promote, can be pursued with reference to a link in the sidebar. This is polite. It is a nuisance to refuse a download, but many bloggers do. It is rather less than polite, to compel a visit to another site as the price of seeking a download. This is the behavior of commercial sites. I wish you had not done this. I hope you will not do it again.

Lez Hard a dit…
That was the link I add without any commercial purpose...
If you want to visit his site, ilt was in the sidebar as I use to do.