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Recto Verso arboricole

à la tienne!

2 commentaires:

Laurent a dit…

Pose a problem of geometry to two guys, and their genius for its solution is bound to exhibit joy in the degree of its difficulty. The solution is also, as likely as not, to resort first and instinctively, to carnal mechanisms of proof. For these reasons, this endearingly precarious standfuck has always struck me as a great tribute to ingenuity and resolution at the same time, apart from flying somewhere within the upper ranks of standfuck solutions, generally, as we know them. Now, at least, I think we shan't see a tree again, which defies a boy's natural zeal to portray its signal amenity -- given, need I say, a willing pal. And what is that amenity? Why, a robust crotch, of course, with stout levers lofted therefrom, in radiant invitation to play.

OldProle a dit…

Nicely put.