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Ricky martin

ps. du 18.04.2010:

Le champion olympique, Daniel Kowalski, annonce aussi avec fierté qu'il est Gay... L'effet boule de neige agrandit le cercle, il rejoint d'autres champion, Ian Roberts, Matthew Mitcham et Garth Thomas.

4 commentaires:

Jackdaw a dit…

I wish every homo would be able to say the first line. I wish more people in general would be able say the second. I wish RM would have felt this way years earlier. But at least he did, now, finally, publically.

Lez Hard a dit…

Thanks for thoses words.

Ed a dit…

So we all should be.
Hi again Lez Hard. I don't know if you remember me, but men4men was closed some time ago, but here I am again. I hope we can keep the contact. Everything but nothing has changed.
Receive a big hug after all this time.

Anonyme a dit…

If you are not blessed, not so good to be gay?