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Je suis parti en vacances, ça change les idées,
on voit le monde autrement ...
on change de perspective ...
et l'on prend son pied avec bonheur !

6 commentaires:

happpy Gay a dit…

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Lez Hard a dit…

Nice blog,
there is a BUT
the ad when you open it, is a great problem! sorry

Gaihardo a dit…

UUUU Mi ricorda molte mie serate!!!

Te Mo'o a dit…

tres beaux reflets

Bystander a dit…

Delightful frolic of denim froth, totally 'on vacation' in this lovely portrait. Here the gorgeous balls redouble our address of this beautifully evolved anus in its resilient embrasure, a precious trampoline to spring love's penis from love's lapping tongue.

Awesomely precarious roost of lower back on that plane!

Lez Hard a dit…

Hi Bystander,
it's a nice comment, we would say "littéraire" in french! (may be something tranlated like 'a writer fashion')...