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Message le plus consulté ces derniers jours




Tableaux aquatiques

Soif de Toutes les couleurs

Un petit message pour Ray Piche aka animalia
qui m'a envoyé un mail très spécial!


Horizon azur

by Rita Foster


encore de jolies lunettes autour du coup ...
............. autour du coup ... cou de Leonardo Corrador
qui est vraiment un bon coup! Lol
merci Torontonian



L'eau de la Manche est fraîche mais les baigneurs sont si beaux!


Bretagne étonnante

Labyrinthe végétal au bord de l'eau ...
Où, je me suis perdu dans le regard
De mon beau Y. aux yeux marins !
Une lande cache des mecs qui bandent ...
Une plage aligne des culs qui nagent !
Je me suis lové contre mon doux E.



I discover a nice site with Dmitry's help
I love this heroic fantasy caracter ...
a very good drawing


Aden & Jordan

I found this pic with the help of MaxeGatos'post!


l'endroit recèle, semble-t-il, plus d'un cadeau extra-ordinnaire ...


Ah que j'aimerais faire un saut en parachute avec Bryce Thompson !



Tim t'es où?




Envie d'océan ...

::::> from Simon's post : By the water

Luizo Vega


Bello Mag

good morming Kmile by Thomas Synnamon
... dans Bello Mag
un très beau magazine
découvert grâce à BurbujasDeseo

Tutor's initiation


The Initiation #1
"It ís Alexís first year away from home and it certainly will be a memorable one with sex crazed campus hotties. It ís hard to focus on studies while your hot roommate gets it on with the football team! Fortunately Alex finds a tutor who is willing to pull all-nighters... and discovers that his Prof gives credit for 'extracurricular activities'. It really heats up when the final pledge night begins for the fraternity Zeta Mega Phallus."
The Initiation #2
"Alex will do anything necessary to come out on top of the fraternity pledge initiation!
You are going to love this second issue! It's packed with a ton of hot college guys, more intense escapades, and a stunningly hot conclusion that will leave you begging for a cigarette! Having earned a bit of power and respect at Zeta Mega Phallus, Alex has come up with a challenge for the new froshes that will have them showing their junk all over town! Meanwhile Dylan has joined the swim team to keep an eye one of the more promising froshes. It's a great thing that shaving each other's entire body is all part of team spirit! Bradley's been dumped for Dylan, and attempts to get revenge in every way possible. His plans take an unexpected turn when a sexy stranger shows up in the middle of it all."
Robert Fraser - autor, Joseph Hawk -illustrator.


B & W

songe au bord de l'eau

L'Homme d'août

Matthew Evangelisti par Joseph Bleu

It's very unusual for me to copy the whole post of somebody's blog,
BUT, there is this but
... I like the way Matthew Evangelisti
is looking at somewhere nobody knows
with the infinite strenght of youthfulness

Model: Matthew Evangelisti - Photography: Joseph Bleu - seen in Zephyr's Blog
Thanks Daan !
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Salade de fruits

Je ne me souviens plus sur quel blog
je l'avais trouvée...