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Echo sublimal


We Are The Heroes (Belarus)

y-a aussi la chanson anglaise aux jolie paroles :
 Love Will Set You Free
So graceful and pure, a smile bathed in light
No matter the distance, a miracle of sight
Though I should have known, I could not turn away
When faced with your beauty no reason can stay

As you kiss him in the moonlight
With heavy words I say
If you love someone, follow your heart
'Cause love comes once if you're lucky enough
Though I'll miss you forever, the hurt will run deep
Only love can set you free

Trust in your dreams, run with no fear
And if you should stumble remember I'm near
As a ghost I will walk, I'll look deep in my soul
I might find another, you gave me that hope

So as you kiss him in the moonlight
With heavy words I say

[Refrain] (x2)

dommage que le chanteur à la belle voie soit un peu trop  ... antiquated
1ere demi-finale (22 mai)

2eme demi-finale (24 mai)

Finale (26 mai)
et 20 pays issus des demi-finales.

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